About Mauka Hale:
Fully remodeled in the Fall of 2007 Mauka Hale is a beautiful Hawaiian oasis.  From the front door you are just minutes away from the expansive Dole park, city restaurants, the coffee shop, a world class golf course, horse back riding, and much more. Or for those of you just needing some rest and relaxation just sit back and enjoy some of the fresh tropical fruit growing on the property.

About Lanai:
Lanai is very different from the other Hawaiian islands in both looks and its history. It's a rather small island, about 18 miles long and 13 miles wide. It's only eight miles to the west of Maui and nine miles south of Molokai, and being in their rain shadow it gets less rain than the other islands.  There are only about 3,000 residents living on Lanai.

With only 30  miles of paved roads on Lanai, no traffic lights, no traffic jams, and far less tourists than the other islands, this is one of the best kept secrets of Hawaii.
Throughout its history, man’s impact on the island has been minimal. The timeless landscape is largely as it was, offering a glimpse into the Hawaii of another time.

Top 3 Things To Do on Your First Trip to Lanai:
3. Snorkel with the resident Spinner dolphins in Hulopoe Bay.
2. Play 18 holes at the Experience at Keole.
1. Drive or hike the Munro Trail for incredible views.